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8. Updates from the Blogs


Greg Siskind’s Blog on


·         Juan Williams: Luis Gutierrez Best Member of Congress for 2011

·         Arizona v. United States Going to the Supremes

·         January Visa Bulletin Rundown

·         Republican Wishful Thinking Regarding Hispanics Not Coming True

·         Study Shows Immigration Raises Wages for American Workers

·         DOJ Issues Scathing Report on Sheriff Joe

·         Negotiations with Grassley Over Priority Date Bill Falter

·         NFAP: Immigrants Behind Half of Venture Funded Start Ups

·         Sheriff Joe Sued for Shackling Pregnant Woman in Labor

·         Perry Brings Sheriff Joe to Iowa

·         Judge Blocks Sections of South Carolina Law

·         Obama Enjoys Big Edge With Hispanics (if They Bother to Vote)

·         Romney Says He Would Veto Dream Act

·         All-American Track Star Latest Dreamer Slated for Deportation

·         US Citizen Teenager Deported to Colombia

·         What Would Reagan Do?

·         New Waiver Policy Drawing Praise for Administration

·         Backed in to a Corner

·         India, China EB-2 Numbers Advance a Year

·         Notarios Already on the Prowl

·         Romney Touts Endorsement of Architect of Arizona, Alabama Laws

·         Despite Prosecutorial Discretion Policy, Same Sex Spouses of US Citizens Still Facing Deportation

·         One More Month of Good News for EB-2 Indians and Chinese

·         Is Immigration Good for America?

·         Obama Announces Plan to Create Million Jobs By Easing Improving Tourist Visa Processing

·         Only 1 in 6 Deportation Cases Benefiting from Prosecutorial Discretion

·         Romney Thinks Immigrants Will Embrace "Self-Deportation"


The SSB I-9, E-Verify, & Employer Immigration Compliance Blog


·          San Diego Bakery Fined $400K

·              Justice Department Reaches Settlement in Discrimination Case with Virginia Ship Repair Company 

·              DOJ Announces Another IRCA Discrimination Settlement

·              Teaching Hospital Fined Under IRCA Discrimination Rules


The Visalaw Healthcare Immigration Blog 


·              5th Circuit Upholds Louisiana Bar on Foreign Nurses

·              The History of IMGs in America 

·              Massachusetts Health Plan Must Cover Legal Immigrants


Karen Weinstock’s Visalaw Georgia Immigration Blog



·              H-1B CAP EXHAUSTED, SO NOW WHAT?


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