Actor Portraying Undocumented Immigrant Faces Deportation Himself

Posted on: October 20th, 2012
by Greg Siskind
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From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Tony Guerrero is preparing to celebrate a milestone in his acting career here and say goodbye at the same time.

The occasion: Saturday night’s screening of “Undocumented Executive,” a low-budget comedy shot in the Atlanta area. Guerrero plays the main character, a naive illegal immigrant from Mexico who achieves his American dream of landing a top corporate job. This is the veteran actor’s first lead role in a feature-length comedy film.

Like his character, Guerrero is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. But things are more complicated in real life: There is no happy ending in sight for the Dunwoody actor. He must leave the country by Jan. 24 or face deportation. So Saturday night’s film premiere at the Plaza Theatre will also serve as a going away party.

The trigger for the deportation is a 1999 simple battery charge.