Posted on: January 19th, 2010
by Greg Siskind
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Just got the announcement about the new EB-5 regional center:


January 11, 2010




Dear Colleague,


Palm Beach Regional Center EB-5 Projects: Investment Opportunities for your Clients


Palm Beach Regional Center is pleased to announce the launch of its EB-5 Program. Three exciting projects are now inviting subscriptions from potential investors.


The Palm Beach Regional Center is operated by Palm Beach Investment and Finance. It was established in 2008 with the intent of developing local industries, creating jobs and economic growth for the region, and helping promote the region to the international community.


The Palm Beach Regional Center handles a variety of projects that showcase and benefit from the region’s strength as an international gateway to the western hemisphere.


Palm Beach County is a great place for your Clients to discover the wealth of opportunity that exists in the United States. Here in the center of the Western Hemisphere is a blossoming international business capital, already recognized for its magnificent climate, gorgeous beaches and golf courses, as well as its famous real estate.


The region is blessed with numerous high-growth industries, such as Bio-science, Agri-Bio, Aviation, Aerospace, Alternative Energy, High Tech, Marine-Marine Technology, and Water-Water Technology. Palm Beach County’s rich multiculturalism makes it a comfortable destination for tourists and business people from all over the world. As the region evolves into a true global gateway, a bounty of opportunity is constantly emerging.




An exciting combination of cutting-edge materials and engineering technology, Modul-X produces and sells Ultra High Strength Concrete (UHSC) panels used to construct extremely durable and secure modular structures. These custom-built security structures offer the greatest possible protection for high-value targets such as pipeline and telecommunications support facilities, to military and police command and control centers, outposts and strong-rooms protecting people and property. Clients include military, government and corporate entities worldwide with serious security issues that need specialized, custom solutions.


The proprietary manufacturing process is the key to these patented products, and it has been evaluated by Wackenhut Security at US-based world class testing facilities, as well as receiving real-world exposure to foreign military ballistic and blast firepower, with results exceeding all expectations. The unique modular design of Modul-X panels provides an unsurpassed degree of customization, allowing for a wide variety of configurations with easy construction and adaptation.




Opportunity Overview


Modul-X Solutions, LLC plans to lease a building that will house the manufacturing, shipping, and office functions of the company, and will employ 49 people.


Based on the employment multipliers for Palm Beach County, there will be 33 indirect new jobs and 29 induced new jobs. When added to the 49 permanent new direct jobs, that will be a total of 111 permanent new jobs created.


PBRC is inviting subscriptions from 10 investors, each investing $500,000 as the business is located within a Targeted Employment Area.




With materials that can grow as fast as consumer demand, TruBamboo is already making a name for itself with its innovative products. The Tru Bamboo Company distributes kitchen utensils, cutting boards and other house-ware products made from bamboo in China. Tru Bamboo’s products are currently sold at leading retail chains and supermarkets, under brands targeted at various market levels.


Bamboo is very durable, and grows extremely fast. Certain types of bamboo can grow up to 6′ per day, and 75% of bamboo harvested in a given year is able to grow back within one year. Because bamboo grows so quickly, it is considered an environmentally-friendly material, and as such, consumer interest in bamboo products is growing.


Tru Bamboo is currently operating and planning to expand to 28 direct jobs, thanks to new marketing direction better geared toward promoting the environmental benefits of bamboo to conscientious consumers.


Opportunity Overview


This expansion is expected to allow the company to manage its growth into existing markets by increasing the company’s local warehousing, administrative, product development and sales & marketing staff. Together with indirect and induced job creation, this project will be able to accommodate 4 investors, each investing $500,000 as the business is located within a Targeted Employment Area.




Looking ahead to a bright future, Complete Energy Systems, LLC (CES) is helping to bring renewable energy to Palm Beach County in the form of solar panels. CES assembles and markets these panels and panel packages, and works with local companies in Palm Beach County to install them.


CES is supported by two wholly owned subsidiaries: Atlantic Solar, which assembles solar panel packages, and Green World Systems, which provides marketing services for complete alternative energy packages.


CES takes a very progressive approach to solar system deployment by making the most out of cutting-edge solar technology efficiency while reducing its environmental impact. Through education, and the establishment of standards for training and certification in the installation and maintenance of alternative and renewable energy systems, CES strives to create a lasting impact upon the alternative energy market.


Opportunity Overview


With the mounting interest in renewable energy, solar energy is rapidly becoming one of South Florida’s most promising growth industries. This is a natural fit for Florida, with its abundant sunshine and substantial energy needs. Recently Florida Power & Light (FPL) announced the building of a 75-megawatt solar plant in Fort Myers, creating the world’s first “solar city,” and bringing South Florida into the forefront of the “renewable energy revolution.”


CES, with its progressive and innovative approach to solar energy, is poised to take a leading role in defining Florida’s role in this market, both regionally and ultimately internationally.


As it grows, CES intends to open training centers and implement solar energy certification. With increased business CES will expand its market and ship panels to customers and locations overseas.


Job Creation


By the second year of operation, CES projects that there will be 113 direct new jobs at Atlantic


Based upon economic multipliers, direct, indirect and induced jobs will amount a total of 459.




Located in a Targeted Employment Area, this project will be inviting subscriptions at the reduced investment amount of $500,000 from 30 suitably qualified investors.


The Palm Beach Regional Center presents an opportunity to consider investment in a variety of different projects. These projects are carefully vetted and selected upon the basis of their ability to meet stringent criteria while meeting EB-5 standards in creating employment.


More information may be found at the website: or you can email me directly and I will happily send you additional information about investor opportunities.




Alfred Zucaro


Managing Member


EB-5 Regional Center Administration


Palm Beach Investment and Finance, LLC


4300 Main Street, Jupiter, Florida 33458


Ph:   (561) 644-1665