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The K-1 visa is designed to make the process of marrying a foreign national in the US easier than ever before. This visa is a surprisingly recent development, appearing only in 1970. Before then, there were only two options for a US citizen to marry a foreign national. The foreign national could try to get a visitor visa, often a very difficult proposition because the pending marriage made it impossible to prove nonimmigrant intent. The second option was for the marriage to occur in the foreign country and for the US citizen to file an immigrant visa petition for their spouse, who would then have to wait abroad for the application to be processed. K-1 applicants must marry within 90 days of entering the US and then must apply to adjust status. K-3 visas are available to spouses of US citizens living outside the US. The visas facilitates entry to the US, allowing applicants to then file to adjust status to permanent residency after entering.

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