Third Circuit Court of Appeals Holds Wire Fraud Conviction Was Crime Involving Moral Turpitude

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals partially denied and dismissed a petition for review put forth by Chiao Fung Ku, which sought review for of a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) final order of removal. The BIA reached the conclusion that Ku’s prior conviction of wire fraud constituted both an aggravated felony, since the fraud resulted in the victim losing more than $10,000, as well as a crime involving moral turpitude. Both of these conclusions rendered her ineligible for an adjustment of status. The BIA in rendering the decision reversed the Immigration Judge’s decision, granting Ku a waiver of inadmissibility due to extreme hardship resulting from her deportation. The Court of Appeals affirmed that Ku’s fraud conviction resulted in well over the $10,000 threshold qualifying it as an aggravated felony and agreed that wire fraud is inherently a crime involving moral turpitude. The BIA acknowledged that it lacked jurisdiction to review the discretionary denial of a waiver of inadmissibility, partially denying and partially dismissing the petition for review.

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District Court Finds Decision to Add Citizenship Question to Census Violated APA

A federal district court vacated the Secretary of Commerce’s decision to add citizenship question to census questionnaire and enjoined the government from adding such a question to 2020 questionnaire without curing legal defects

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