Executives and Managers of multinational companies may qualify for permanent residence (green cards) in a category commonly referred to as EB-1C. This category is often thought of  as a counterpart to the L-1A visa since the requirements are similar and many L-1A visa holders pursue permanent residence through the EB-1C process. In order to qualify for EB-1C, an individual must work for a multinational company and have transferred from one of its foreign entities to a US entity. The corporate relationship can be a parent/subsidiary relationship (the US entity can either be the parent or the subsidiary), a branch office relationship, an affiliate relationship, or a joint venture. The applicant must have been employed abroad continuously for one year by a qualifying organization within three years before the foreign national was admitted to the US.

The EB-1C application process is two steps. First the EB-1C I-140 is filed with USCIS. This application cannot be premium processed. Once approved, the applicant and family members (this includes spouse and children under 21) can file Adjustment of Status applications in order to receive green cards or begin Consular Processing immigrant visas at a US Consulate. In some cases, applicants may choose to file both steps “concurrently” or together.

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