ABC News Includes Greg Siskind on List of Top 20 Immigration Experts

Posted on: January 12th, 2013
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ABC News in conjunction with Univision has posted an article on advising readers of 20 immigration experts they should follow on Twitter to keep up with the immigration reform debate. Siskind Susser attorney Greg Siskind was one of only two immigration lawyers on the list. The list included the following individuals:

  1. Jose Antonio Vargas, Activist/Journalist @joseiswriting
  2. Prerna Laa, DC-based law clerk @AQueerDesi
  3. Elise Foley, Huffington Post @elisefoley
  4. Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino @Liz_Llorente
  5. Ben Winograd, American Immigration Council @benwinograd
  6. Jorge Ramos, Univision @jorgeramosnews
  7. Jorge Rivas, @thisisjorge
  8. Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies @MarkSKrikorian
  9. Juan Escalante, DREAM Activist @JuanSaaa
  10. Daniel Costa, Economic Policy Institute @costadaniel
  11. Greg Siskind, Attorney @gsiskind
  12. Alan Gomez, USA Today @alangomez
  13. Gaby Pacheco, activist @GabyPacheco1
  14. David Leopold, Attorney @DavidLeopold
  15. Alexander Nowrasteh, Cato Institute @AlexNowrasteh
  16. Angy Rivera, Advice Columnist @AskAngy
  17. Philip Wolgin, Center for American Progress @pwolgrin
  18. Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum @anoorani
  19. B. Loewe, Natioanl Day Laborer Organizing Network @BstandsforB
  20. Dara Lind, America’s Voice @DLind


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