Naturalization is the process of permanent residents (green card holders) obtaining US citizenship. Siskind Susser assists clients with this process every day. We file citizenship applications, prepare individuals for their interviews, and accompany and represent clients at their naturalization interviews.

In most cases, permanent residents become eligible to apply for US citizenship after having green cards for 5 years. Permanent residents who obtained their green cards through marriage to a US citizen can file after 3 years. Before filing for naturalization, a person should make sure they meet the requirements for Good Moral Character and have maintained their residence for the 3 or 5 years before the filing. Naturalization applicants will be called for an interview during which they will review the application and take a brief English and Civics test.  

More information on the naturalization process can be found here.

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For more information on how Siskind Susser can help you with Naturalization related matters, call us at 800-343-4890 (U.S.) or 901-682-6455 (International).

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