Posted on: May 31st, 1997
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Asylum and various persecution-based hardship cases often present an immigration lawyer with the serious challenge of thoroughly documenting that the conditions in an applicant’s country warrant a credible fear of persecution. Fortunately, that task has become much easier as a result of the Internet. The amount of human rights materials accessible on the Internet is very impressive and continues to grow quickly. Here are some of the best places to start looking for this information:

Includes the famous annual report on human rights, country reports, a search engine for the entire site and news updates.

A nice place to start your research, this site contains a well-organized list of human rights resources all over the Web.

Web site for another well-respected human rights organization. Contains country news updates.

Text of REFUGEES magazine, repatriation information reports and country reports.

Annual Country Reports, Human Rights Links, and updates.

Excellent resource to find human rights information.

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