Posted on: December 21st, 2017
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Dear Readers:

And so we close 2017, probably the most tumultuous year in US immigration law since the passage of the 1924 Immigration Act which dramatically curtailed immigration in the US for several decades. It’s possible to list dozens of items in the news to point to as major developments, but I’ve narrowed the list to ten and written about them in this issue.

The news was not all bad. There were victories in the courts, for example. One just occurred this month with a judge ruling that the International Entrepreneur Rule was improperly delayed by USCIS and the agency is required to accept applications from eligible start-up founders. USCIS is complying and has released instructions on how to file.

There is also hope that Congress and the White House will work out a deal to help DACA recipients in limbo get permanent relief. As of the writing of this issue, negotiators are working feverishly. Democrats are pushing for a deal by the end of 2017 and some are threatening to vote no on the government funding bill if a solution isn’t reached.

In more ominous news, USCIS and the State Department released a set of regulatory priorities for 2018 that is worrying many. Among the changes are ending work authorization for H-4 spouses, making it much harder to secure a J-1 waiver, further restricting the H-1B visa, imposing new restrictions on work authorization for F-1 students, and, not surprisingly, ending the Entrepreneur Parole program.

2018 will mark the 24th year for this publication and we are hoping it will be one with more positive news to report than negative stories. We wish all of our readers a joyous holiday period and a happy new year.



Greg Siskind

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