Sergio Romo Shirt Sparks Discussion

Posted on: November 6th, 2012
by Greg Siskind
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San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo made headlines for wearing a t-shirt that read “I only look illegal” during the team’s World Series victory parade. From San Francisco’s NBC affiliate:

Some support the tongue-in-cheek message his shirt espoused – there’s even a “Drop the I-Word” campaign, where advocates say that people shouldn’t be called “illegals.”
Others were more critical, wondering if the message was appropriate, and they didn’t like that such a big sports star would use a parade as a platform to grandstand about politics.
At least in San Jose, Zelica Rodriguez-Deans of Services Immigrant Rights and Education Network, liked his message. The only thing she would have liked better was that he use the word “undocumented,” instead of illegal. 
Romo, from Brawley in Imperial County, about 30 miles north of the Mexican border, has worn his Mexican-American heritage with pride before, according to multiple reports. In the past, he’s worn a shirt that said “Made in the USA with Parts From Mexico,” the newspaper reported.