Siskind’s Immigration Bulletin – November 2017

Posted on: November 29th, 2017
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  1. Openers
  2. ABCs of Immigration: An Overview of the U.S. Immigration System – 2017
  4. Border and Enforcement News 
  • DHS Ends Protected Immigration Status for Nicaraguans, Haitians; Hondurans Receive Extension
  1. News from the Courts 
  • Ninth Circuit Grants Partial Stay to Travel Ban Injunction
  • District Court Judge Issues Permanent Injunction Against Executive Order Withholding Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities
  • Data Finds Mexican Nationals and Individuals Detained in Immigration Court are Uniquely Disadvantaged
  • Lawsuit Filed Seeking to Reclaim Unpaid Wages for Au Pairs
  • BIA Denies Appeal of Native of Italy Because of Aggravated Felony Conviction
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Provides Green Card Opportunity to Certain Temporary Protected Status Holders
  1. News Bytes 
  • United States Postal Service’s Errors Result in the Rejection of DACA Applications; Trump Administration Announces those Affected May Reapply
  • Coalition for the American Dream Seeks DACA Solution
  • USCIS Updates Numerous Forms
  1. Washington Watch 
  • White House Proposes Strict Immigration Reform Policy
  1. In the News at ABIL 
  • Ban on Refugees Expires; Trump Administration Calls for Additional Vetting for 11 Nationalities During 90-Day Review Period
  • USCIS Increases Scrutiny of Certain Nonimmigrant Extension Requests
  • Sen. Grassley Urges Reconsideration of Trade NAFTA Nonimmigrant Classification
  1. Updates from the Blogs
  2. State Department Visa Bulletin: December 2017