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Posted on: October 3rd, 2017
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H.R.170: Protect and Grow American Jobs Act

Complaints about abuses in the H-1B program has led to the introduction of H.R. 170 Protect and Grow American Jobs Act. The bill aims to mandate H-1B dependent employers pay higher wages for H-1B positions compared to their domestic counterparts, thus incentivizing domestic hires and facilitate proper H-1B enforcement.

For more information, view the proposed act.


S. 1560: Integrity in Border and Immigration Enforcement Act

In order to quantifiably verify the integrity of prospective candidates for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers as well as current officers, S. 1560: Integrity in Border and Immigration Enforcement Act was proposed. The Act mandates polygraph testing of all applicants to the departments, testing of any current officers deemed a risk by their superior officers, and periodic testing of all officers to ensure there is no risk for misconduct or abuses. The testing would disqualify any applicants who fail the polygraph from employment. The officers tested as potential risks for misconduct or abuse would be determined by their superior officers based upon past incidents of corruption or misconduct. Both ICE and CBP would be required to conduct random polygraph tests to at least 5% of their officers who are undergoing background checks during that year and who were not tested in either of the two previously mentioned circumstances.

For more information, view the proposed Act.

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