IMGs Performance in 2015 Match Relatively Unchanged

Posted on: March 30th, 2015
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Approximately 27,000 residency slots at teaching hospitals around the United States were up for grabs in the online National Residency Match Program held earlier this month. About 17,000 of 18,000 graduating US medical school students matched, a rate of 94%. The overall number of US seniors increased by 651 over 2014 and and there were about 600 new slots available in 2015.

6,770 of the slots were allotted for internal medicine programs. US medical school graduates will fill just under half of those slots. 3,195 family medicine slots were available and only 44% were filled by US graduates. Nearly 5% of family residency slots when unfilled.

1,035 couples applied together and nearly 95% of them were able to match to a pair of suitable programs.

US graduates and others who were not able to match can participate in a second program called the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). 1,193 of the 1,306 unfilled positions are offered during SOAP.

The number of IMGs who participated in the Match was actually down by 95 from 2014. 6,302 of the 12,387 IMGs who participated ended up matching (50.9%). That performance is nearly identical to 2014. That figure includes US citizens educated in foreign medical schools. Excluding that population, of the 7,366 IMG non-citizens, 3,641 obtained first year positions. That is up slightly from 2014.

Data on the overall NRMP results can be found here and ECFMG data on the IMG performance in the match can be found here.