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Happy New Year. 2015 should be a very important year in the country’s immigration history. Within the next few weeks, we should see the first of the President’s executive actions implemented. Work authorization for certain H-4 spouses and a new memorandum explaining how L-1B cases are to be adjudicated should be the first on the list. In February, we expect to see the expansion of the DACA program to include those born before 1981. In April or May, we expect to see the DAPA program open up. And later in the year we’re likely to see the regulations for many of the other announced changes like OPT expansion and PERM reform.

We also will see many of the challenges opponents of the President’s actions have promised coming to fruition. Lawsuits will be heard and Congress will attempt to defund the programs. Congress could also respond by moving individual bills. Some are predicting that Congress will take up bills dealing with skilled workers, agricultural workers, E-Verify and border security.


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