July – Siskind Immigration Bulletin Opener

Posted on: July 31st, 2020
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Dear Readers:
It seems like news is coming faster than ever on immigration as we get closer to the presidential election.
There are now six separate lawsuits challenging the April and June visa bans that have stopped immigrant and nonimmigrant visa processing for more than a half-million applicants around the world. I’m pleased to tell you that in one of those cases, Aker v. Trump, our firm is co-counseling with two other firms, to challenge the bans. We’re optimistic we will prevail and I look forward to updating you on the progress of that case.
Since our last issue, the world of F-1 students was turned on it’s head when the Trump Administration attempted to bar international students at colleges who haven’t started switching back to in-person classes. Harvard University and MIT sued the Administration and scored a quick win for at least the returning students. New students will still need to show that their schools are not 100% online.
The DACA victory in the Supreme Court is still up in the air. After a lower court ordered the Trump Administration to accept new DACA filings, the Trump Administration issued a new memo saying that for the next few months (i.e. through the election) it will give one-year approvals for current DACA recipients but will not issue advance parole documents or accept applicants from new applicants. So expect this to go right back to court.
In firm news, we say goodbye to Julia Scharff, a paralegal who is going off to law school. Looking forward to welcoming her to the bar in a few years. If you haven’t been tuning in, every Tuesday night at 7 central time, our lawyers are participating in a Facebook Live videoconference to talk about the latest immigration news and dive into various immigration topics. Join us at www.facebook.com/siskindsusser.
And, as always, we invite you to consult with our immigration lawyers. You can schedule directly from our web site at a time that’s convenient for you just by going to www.visalaw.com/consultation.
Greg Siskind