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There were two major immigration developments over the last month that have immigration lawyers around the US scrambling. First, the good news is that the Supreme Court decided that President Trump’s rescission of the DACA program was not done in compliance with immigration law. In short, he did not provide sufficient reasoning and the court, by a 5-4 vote (with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the liberal Justices) determining that the President needed to try again with better reasoning. Trump has vowed to issue a new rescission order. But for now, the DACA program survives and new applicants will likely get to file applications. 

The other big news was the June 22nd Proclamation from the White House that visa issuance in the H-1B, H-2B, J-1 and L-1 visa categories was to be suspended. This has the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of people and because the order went into effect just two days later, many people are caught outside the US and may not be able to reenter until December 31st . It may take a judge or Trump losing the election for this order to be lifted.  

Siskind Susser has embarked on an advocacy campaign designed to help media connect with people impacted by the order (as well as the April immigrant visa ban order) and also to help identify potential plaintiffs for the various litigation efforts expected to take place. We’re excited that more than 1,000 people filled out our online form wishing to talk to reporters and we have had more than 1,300 people volunteer to be plaintiffs.  

We also updated our travel ban app to help people navigate the various travel bans in place.  

The links for these forms and apps can be found as follows:  

Media availability for the 6/22 travel ban 

Potential plaintiffs for the April travel ban suits  

Potential plaintiffs for the 6/22 travel ban suits

Travel ban app

In firm news, I’m pleased to announce that I was awarded the annual Advocacy Award by the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This one is especially meaningful as my advocacy work is one of my favorite parts of being an immigration lawyer and I am gratified my colleagues around the country saw fit to recognize my work.  

Readers are welcome to schedule an appointment with a Siskind Susser attorney. Just go to 




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