Lawsuit Update

Posted on: November 19th, 2015
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Flying home from speaking at a rally in DC held by high skilled immigrant protesting their unjust plight caused our antiquated immigration laws. And I was happy to announce some progress on our court fights.

Today we filed for class certification motion in Mehta v. Kerry. That motion asks the judge to certify our case as a class action so that all people in the same shoes as our named plaintiffs will be able to file their adjustment of status applications as if the Visa Bulletin published on September 9th went in to effect. We expect a hearing on this motion in just under four weeks.

Bob Gibbs, our local counsel in Seattle has also received news on his Freedom of Information Act request. USCIS on Friday sent a letter requesting an additional ten days to respond. But don’t hold your breath. USCIS most certainly does not want to release any of the documents Bob requested and you can expect a fight in the courts to ensue when they inevitably avoid complying with their FOIA obligations.

Next up in Mehta v. Kerry we’ll be seeking expedited discovery as part of a preliminary injunction motion. Stay tuned…