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The challenges in the immigration system continue and the release of new data showing legal immigration numbers declining in a thriving economy is the latest evidence. The cumulative effect of many changes in immigration policy – all without a single act of Congress changing the law – have been profound.

The latest change is the implementation of the public charge rule despite a court imposing a nationwide injunction. The new Department of Homeland Security rule imposes a massive set of new requirements for people to demonstrate that they will not seek public benefits in the future. A lower court said it was likely the rule would be found illegal and stopped it from going into effect. The US Supreme Court intervened reversed the injunction and said the rule could take effect while the parties argue the case in court.

The government took advantage of the temporary win and the rule took effect this week. Applicants who filed before February 24, 2020 were able to avoid the new requirements.

Many of you know that I spend a lot of time working with technology to improve the practice of immigration law. And this week’s implementation of the public charge rule seemed like a good place to use artificial intelligence software to help lawyers more efficiently and effectively evaluate cases to see if they’re vulnerable under the new rule. You might want to check out the app I’ve created at to see what I’m talking about. It’s also a good place to preview the work happening at Visalaw Ventures, a print and software publishing company recently co-created by me and colleagues from Siskind Susser. We launch with three book titles as well as a suite of apps at

As always, readers are welcome to contact our firm to talk to our lawyers. Just go to or reach out at to our individual team members.


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