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As we embark on 2019, we are, as has become the norm, in the middle of immigration battles in Washington. The country just went through the longest government shutdown in our history, and the main issue in contention was a $5 billion down payment on a border wall. The President gave up that fight to allow Congress a couple of weeks to negotiate a compromise, but it’s very possible that we’ll be in the same place in a couple of weeks. One of the issues that may be on the table is the fate of DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). More than a million people are affected by the shutdown of those programs and a major question looming (aside from how to placate the President and Republicans on border security) is what will happen with those programs. Many are expecting Democrats to press hard for permanent solutions rather than relying on the courts.

In firm news, I wanted to let lawyer readers know we have openings for business/employment immigration lawyers in our Memphis and Nashville offices. 2+ years of relevant experience is needed and the ideal candidate will also have an interest in legal technology. Our firm is developing artificial intelligence-based apps to advance the practice of immigration law and our lawyers are all involved.

In firm news, I just returned from speaking at the midwinter meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. And attorney Johnna Main Bailey made national news for successfully bringing home a Honduran woman in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy who was arrested at a marriage green card interview and sent to an ICE detention center eight hours away from her family. You can read about the case here –

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