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Welcome to the 20s!

I’m hoping that this decade represents one of progress on immigration. The bar is pretty low in comparison to the last decade. In those years, not a single major piece of immigration legislation passed. Yes we got DACA, but that was only in response to the failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. And, of course, the last three years were the Trump presidency where just about every aspect of legal and illegal immigration came under attack.

Obviously, much will depend on whether the President is re-elected or not later this year. I’ll be writing about the campaign as the year goes on. For now, the Democrats are all relatively close in position on immigration and are at the polar opposite of President Trump.

This month marks a milestone for Siskind Susser. We are spinning off as a separate company Visalaw Ventures, LLC. In short, it’s a content company that includes a book publishing house and a software venture. Alan House, our book publisher, has already published The Physician Immigration Handbook and The I-9 and E-Verify Handbook and will soon have a third title on immigration options for startup founders., our software company is currently working on intelligent apps that incorporate artificial intelligence and provide analysis and build documents related to immigration law. Some of our apps are already available for use and others are coming soon. We’ll also have announcements to make soon about other “immtech” ventures for so stay tuned.

As always, we invite readers to contact us if you’re even in need of a consultation with an immigration lawyer. Just go to


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