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While most of the recent immigration coverage in the news has concerned asylum law and detention centers as well as ICE raids around the country, there was a major development in employment-based immigration law that is worth noting. Per country quotas – the rules that limit employment-based green card categories to no more than 7% going to nationals of a particular country each year – have caused green card backlogs that are multiple decades long for Indian nationals.

The Indian skilled worker community has organized to try and address this imbalance and has finally achieved success with the passage of HR 1044 in the US House of Representatives. The bill passed last week by a 365-65 margin, certainly a testament to the popularity of the idea of ending per country quotas. The bill still has an uphill battle with opposition stalling progress in that Chamber. But many are optimistic that a deal can be struck. I’ve summarized the provisions of HR 1044 and they’re included in this month’s issue.

In firm news, many Siskind Susser attorneys were speakers at the annual conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association held last month in Florida. They include Elissa Taub, Lily Axelrod, Ari Sauer and myself.

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