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Since the election of President Trump, we have known that the Administration was hostile to one of President Obama’s signature policy achievements – the introduction of work authorization for H-4 spouses of backlogged green card applicants. After two years, the Administration sent a proposed rule rescinding the H-4 work card to the Office of Management and Budget and it is expected to be published soon. More than 100,000 spouses are expected to be affected if the rule is finalized. The key word is “if”. The rescinding rule is expected to encounter significant opposition from the public. And it will no doubt be challenged in the courts. Which is a common theme in this Administration. One extreme measure after another has been introduced. And most have been challenged in the courts. When the H-4 rule is published, we’ll be summarizing it and then following developments after that.


Twenty-five years ago I was working on building a web site to go along with the launch of this law firm. I was also preparing this newsletter for its debut as an electronic publication. Both efforts required a lot of explanation for friends because most people didn’t know what the web was nor did they have email. would debut in the summer as the third law firm web site on the Internet and Siskind’s Immigration Bulletin would be the first law firm newsletter distributed via email.

Four years later, a blog I created to cover changes in H-1B policy being debated by Congress would be the first lawyer blog online.

Today, we’re still innovating as we begin releasing artificial intelligence apps that we believe will change immigration law. One is an H-1B visa public access file generator for employers that we released last month and which can be found at  We’ve actually got more than a dozen apps in various stages of development and are excited about how these products will change our practice area much as our web site did a quarter century ago.


Greg Siskind

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