Physician Immigration in the News – April 27, 2020

Posted on: April 27th, 2020
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Here is a list of articles on physician immigration since the pandemic began –

Immigrant doctors want to help fight the coronavirus. Visa restrictions won’t let them –


There’s Only One Thing Stopping Trump From Deporting Health Care Workers:If the Supreme Court affirms the administration’s termination of DACA, thousands of vital health care workers could be deported –


Foreign Doctors’ ‘Hands Tied’ by Visa Rules in Covid-19 Fight –


Immigrant doctors want to help the Army fight the coronavirus. The Pentagon won’t let them –


The US needs foreign doctors and nurses to fight coronavirus – Immigration policy isn’t helping.

The US was facing shortages of doctors and nurses even before coronavirus hit.


Two Ways Congress and DHS Can Protect DACA Recipients on the COVID-19 Frontlines –


Removing Barriers for Immigrant Medical Professionals Is Critical To Help Fight Coronavirus –


Solving The Covid-19 Crisis Will Require More Foreign Health Care Workers –


I’m a foreign-born doctor fighting America’s war against the coronavirus. The US needs more of us. – Now more than ever, the U.S. needs more health care professionals, regardless of their race or nationality. –


These immigrant doctors want to help the US fight coronavirus, but they’re stuck on the sidelines –


Immigration policies may delay help from foreign medical grads –

More than 4,000 scheduled to begin U.S. residency programs this summer, could help in coronavirus fight –


Trump’s crackdown on skilled immigrants is hurting our coronavirus response –


As coronavirus spreads, thousands of foreign doctors could be blocked from U.S. entry, group warns –


Coronavirus and Foreign Medical Residents, Fellows –

The U.S. is granting visas to foreign medical residents and fellows despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but getting here may be a struggle. –


As coronavirus patients surge, medical students rushed into practice to fight pandemic –


Governors plead with other states for more health care workers to fight coronavirus

States are scrambling to adequately staff the hardest-hit hospitals. –


Foreign doctors on front lines of COVID-19 fear deportation from U.S.-


Immigration Can Save Lives During America’s COVID-19 Crisis –


Immigrants on the front lines: Let foreign trained doctors practice, amnesty for essential workers –


These doctors want to join the US coronavirus fight – but can’t –


President of AMA – Doctors will beat COVID-19. Let’s bring more of them to the fight. –


Many Immigrant Doctors Want To Fight The Coronavirus But U.S. Visa Rules Make That Illegal –


Immigrant Doctors Say Visa Restrictions Limit Them in COVID-19 Fight –


Foreign Doctors Could Help Fight Coronavirus. But U.S. Blocks Many. –

Immigrants on the front lines of COVID-19 fight. Trump should treat them better –


DACA health care workers worry about their status amid coronavirus pandemic –


Immigrants Help Immigrants At These Two NYC COVID-19 Testing Sites –

Indian-origin doctors stuck between visa and corona worries –


Health Care Leaders Call on Administration for Immigration Solutions to Address COVID-19 Pandemic –


Immigrants With Foreign Medical Training Untapped in Virus Fight –


Immigrant doctors face challenges to work, even in coronavirus pandemic –


Opinion: Our lives depend on immigrants to get us through the coronavirus crisis –


Infographic: Coronavirus and Immigrant Health Workers –


If doctors in the US on visas die while fighting the coronavirus, their families could be forced to leave the country or face deportation –


New Jersey to issue emergency medical licenses to foreign doctors –


COVID-19 exposes visa stresses on doctors, their employers and under-served patients –


How Immigrant Medical Professionals Are Helping To Fight The Coronavirus –


It appears the Trump administration is doing all it can to drive away health professionals –


International Docs Held Back From COVID Front Lines –


Doctors risk their lives to help Mississippi coronavirus patients. If they get sick: deportation –