As Siskind Susser looks toward the future, we hope to focus on four primary areas that we hope will continue to make ours one of the leading firms in America.   

  1. Client Experience 

Everything begins with the client.  The journey each of our clients take to make the US part of their story.  We hope to improve the client experience in terms of ease of use and transparency.  We would like to make case progress and updates readily available along the way and our experts available at your fingertips.  We look to improved policy, procedures, and technology to accomplish this. 

  1. Data Security 

The future of all professional organizations includes a serious conversation about the security of client data. The legal industry has traditionally been behind on data security best practices and compliance. Currently, the legal industry has no industry-specific, data security compliance requirements.  We see the requirements for professional organizations continuing to grow in the future and we want Siskind Susser P.C. to lead the charge and be exemplary in its security practices.   

  1. Automation 

The practice of immigration law lends itself well to automation.  Much of the work is data driven and form centric.  While we can continue to automate administrative and even lower-level legal tasks, we continue to see the lawyer’s role as vital.  We do not advocate the use of DIY software for complex legal issues.  Make no mistake, the way we practice law is changing, and automation will continue to be a tool that assists attorneys in their work – improving efficiency and effectiveness in the process. 

  1. Accessibility 

With accessibility, we are thinking in terms of the rich expertise and experience of our immigration attorneys.   We are constantly researching and creating ways to make this content knowledge available to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.  Our firm uses Twitter and other social platforms to notify the masses when changes occur.  We would like to continue to build out tools that help individuals understand their eligibility and how recent changes in immigration affect them individually.  We believe AI-based tools and other technologies will assist us in continuing to make this goal a reality.   

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