Violinist Facing Deportation

Posted on: March 27th, 2016
by Greg Siskind
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The Cincinnati Inquirer reports on Yuliyan Stoyanov, a celebrated violinist in the Ohio city, who is being forced to leave the US after his O-1 petition was denied. According to the newspaper:

The petition, which was denied Oct. 4, included dozens of letters of recommendation from internationally recognized experts in violin, orchestra and chamber music. Stoyanov provided proof of his professional career: orchestral appearances in Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Russia, Macedonia and the United States. Recordings of his work are available in archives of Bulgarian National Radio and Television. His popular music experience includes work with the classical music-based Electric Light Orchestra rock band, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and vocalists Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban.

USCIS is refusing to comment on the denial. Stoyanov is currently planning his return to Bulgaria should he be unable to get the case reopened and reversed.