Visagate 2015 Edition

Posted on: September 25th, 2015
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My source from yesterday has, unfortunately, turned out to have been right on the money. What can I say about how outrageous this is? USCIS has no doubt cost people millions of dollars not to mention unnecessarily inflicting extreme emotional distress on people who have been waiting for years to finally have the ability to file adjustment applications. For many, it meant being able finally change employers and earn more money, get work authorization for their spouses, travel freely, get their kids in state tuition, etc.

If USCIS thought this was going to end quietly, they obviously have not learned the lessons of 2007. Perhaps they thought that since they got DOS to issue a new Visa Bulletin before October came around, that somehow they were protected. But that is not the case. I firmly believe USCIS will reverse themselves – either by the order of a judge (email me at if you’re interested in participating in a potential suit) or as a response to overwhelming public pressure.

As for why USCIS did what they did, who can say what is really the truth. Some at USCIS really hate the President and perhaps this is the latest effort at embarrassing the White House. Maybe its just gross incompetence. Or the latest manifestation of anti-immigrant sentiment pervasive in many parts of the agency. Or simply laziness on the part of an agency who saw a flood of work heading their way.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter. USCIS and DOS made a promise and people relied on it. Now they need to do the honorable thing and live up to it.