Posted on: August 31st, 1996
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The INS has issued a regulation removing Form I-151, Alien Registration Receipt Card, from the listing of forms recognized as evidence of registration as a lawful permanent resident alien. Persons holding these cards will need to apply for a replacement Green Card, now on Form I-551. The INS has issued warnings on the need to get a replacement green card for several years and actually extended the deadline for applying for a new green card on three occasions.

From a practical point of view, the new rule means that persons seeking to reenter the US with an I-151 card will not be considered to have proof of permanent residency. The INS officer will have the discretion, however, to admit the person and have the person fill out an application form at that time for a new green card. The INS has also said that until further notice, it will not fine carriers bringing such persons to the US under rules that forbid transporting persons to the US who do not have lawful documentation for entering.

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